storybook steve - steve belleville - boston, ma
Storybook Steve - Steve Belleville - Photo by Amy Lithimane

Steve is a guy. This guy, Steve, from the first sentence, splits his time between Boston and Beijing, playing bass guitar in studios and bands. He likes sugar and books. He aspires to one day keep a pet rabbit, but as of yet can’t decide which rabbit is best. Steve composed this himself, but wrote it in the third-person to make it sound professional.

Steve wants to play bass on your album. Depending on his whereabouts, he can either come to you or record and email tracks from his portable studio. Steve's fee is variable and largely based on the quality of rabbits, sugar, and books provided. To determine for yourself whether his services are worth some arbitrary amount of the aforementioned commodities, check out the Session Reels section. To stay in the castle and fight the dragon, turn to page 77.