storybook steve - steve belleville - boston, ma

Here are some samples of Steve's bass-playing.

Bass Reel

Credits: Chad Perrone/Joe P/John Cena/Kate Klim/Hotels&Highways/Jan Johnston/Storms Approach/Brian Richard

Steve is pretty good at arranging and singing backup vocals.

Vocal Reel

Credits: Chad Perrone/Jay Broyer/Mikey James/Mike Ryan/Storybook Steve/Joe P/Brian Richard

Steve is a decent guitarist.

Guitar Reel

Credits: Kristin Ezbicki/Chad Perrone/Jay Broyer/Brian Richard/Storybook Steve/Kangaralien/Dennis Carroll/Mikey James

Steve is a fair mandolin player.

Mandolin Reel

Credits: Lisa Piccirillo/Chad Perrone/Hotels & Highways/Jessie Bridges/Storybook Steve/Zac Clark

Steve is a complete hack at the banjo, but people keep asking him to play anyway.

Banjo Reel

Credits: Joe P/Zac Clark/Mr. Vertigo/Lisa Piccirillo/Storybook Steve/Jessie Bridges/Chad Perrone

Steve writes songs with other people in addition to writing songs about turtles.

Songwriting Reel

Credits: Chad Perrone & Steve Belleville/Jamie Lynn Hart & Steve Belleville/Jon Scanlon & Steve Belleville/Steve Belleville as Storybook Steve/Steve Belleville & Eric Clemenzi/Steve Belleville in Storms Approach

Steve is an okay producer when he's not distracted by rabbits.

Production Reel

Credits: Kangaralien/Chad Perrone/Storybook Steve/Storms Approach