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" . . . that's to say nothing of his absolute mastery of both the technical side of music and a pocket so deep you need a headlamp. It's for that reason that if I had a rolodex, he'd be a permanent, laminated, possibly scratch-and-sniff part of it. Not sure what that card would smell like though. Purple, maybe?"
- Syd (songwriter/performer/producer)

" . . . I truly believe there was no better person to have involved than him throughout the project . . . There is not one note I would change."
- Brian Richard (singer/songwriter)

" . . . he has a great ear for detail, and could very well be the missing link between having a good song and having a great song. There is no musician that I look forward to working with more than him."
- Eric Clemenzi (guitarist/teacher/producer)

" . . . Steve Belleville is one of the best natural musicians I know. He has great ears, he's a quick study, and his musical choices reflect a deeper understanding of the higher functions of melody, harmony and groove. His bass playing is articulate and solid as a rock. Don't let the witty jokes and the silly pictures fool you. Steve is a musical force."
- Mike Null (guitarist/singer)

"Steve is a phenomenal asset for virtually any type of studio project, and is one of the most versatile musicians I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with."
- Scott O'Brien (singer/songwriter)

"Steve is a great musician with a positive attitude. He can feel the vibe of any song almost instantly, and plays his part accordingly. He is sure to bring the best out your music."
- Mike Ryan (singer/songwriter)

"Steve's musical expertise extends far beyond his performance contributions. He is certainly one of the most musical people I have ever met and his contributions on my first full-length album exceeded all of my expectations."
- Brian Bergeron (singer/songwriter)

" . . . not only learned all the material cold, but brought some great ideas to the rehearsal space and the studio. Steve is an incredibly gifted musician whose bass-playing, professionalism and sincerity made my album better. When I need a bass player for future recordings, I will be contacting Steve Belleville."
- Dave Saba (singer/songwriter)

" . . . not only does he seem to instinctively know exactly what a song needs right off the bat, but he's willing and able to work with your vision . . ."
- Zac Clark (singer/songwriter)

"Steve Belleville was an awesome asset to have on my CD."
- Tim Bergeron (singer/songwriter)

" . . . play a new song for him and by the time you finish it, he knows it . . . oh, also - he's awesome."
- Alison Wood (singer/songwriter)


"This website sucks. It was probably done as a favor by some lazy bastard friend with no creative eye. I give it an F+"
- Scott O'Brien (singer/songwriter)

"Steve is a complete dickhead. He is a musical genius and a pleasure to work with. He showed up to the session completely wasted. Oh, and such a pleasure to work with. We ended up deleting all of his tracks."
- Brian Richard (singer/songwriter)

- Brian Bergeron (singer/songwriter)

"Steve Belleville is 'literally' a dickhead . . . he couldn't even understand the concept of a cookie cake."
- Tim Bergeron (singer/songwriter)